Cotton Rounds

Most women have used a cotton round at some point in their life some use them daily. what you don’t realize is that in a year of using 2 small cotton rounds a day you have thrown roughly 672 rounds in the garbage. When I realized that i thought why not make larger rounds out of recycled cotton fleece, that way I am not throwing things needlessly into the landfill instead they get tossed in a mesh bag and tossed in the laundry with everything else!


These rounds are about 3″ in diameter. 

I have been using mine for about 3 months and am in seriously love with them! They are the perfect size to clean off any and all make up and the dark colours hide any staining that may occur due to mascara, lipstick etc… and unlike other brands the edges are not overlocked rather are topstitched so they can withstand repeated washing better!


Citrus Cleaner

When making food there tends to be food waste in my case the ends of lemons while making lemon energy balls.

What I ended up doing with those left over lemon ends was to submerge then in white vinegar. For what most people don’t know is that you can infuse vinegar with flavours or in this case smells. If you shake the jar every day for a week you infuse the vinegar with the lemon scent and can dilute with water to create a natural cleaner.



Surprise Baby Parcel

With Canada Day tomorrow I thought what a perfect time for this post!


One thing I think everyone enjoys is getting mail when you are not expecting it, of course this does not apply to bills…yuck! I personally love creating parcels to surprise family and friends. So when I found out that my cousin who now lives in Germany was expecting his first child, my sisters and I came up with the idea to send him a Canada themed surprise baby parcel. This was so much fun to come up with ideas of what to purchase or create especially knowing that our very proudly Canadian cousin would appreciate everything in it however cliche it was. IMG_3138

What we had come up with was a homemade knit Hudson Bay inspired baby blanket, crochet Moose, anorak jacket and not pictured baby wrap moccasins. We also purchased cute Hudson Bay baby mitts and tea towel, mini moose license plate, baby hat, two of our favourite (non Canadian) authors, Robert Munch mini books and of course the classic Maple Syrup.


Although it reached them a little after he made his early arrival, it was a wonderful surprise for the growing family.

So…I’ve been away

It has been an extremely busy summer and now were into fall! I personally can’t believe that.

Some things have temporarily changed, first being that I have gone back to school! I am currently enrolled in a Fashion Design program in Ontario and man is this humidity killing me! The nice thing however is how everything is so incredibly close, 10 minute walk to the store, AAAMAZING! On top of that being in Ontario means that I am currently experiencing summer temperatures at the tail end of September which is nice but I’m longing to layer up and cozy down with a  mug of hot cocoa.

On top of all the things that have changed I thought I should go back to things I was wanting to focus on previous to me moving across the county for a school year first being this blog. So… here I go! IMG_0367


A little about me…

Hi everyone!

I thought I would introduce myself to anyone who happens to stumble upon my little world in the internet. My name is Ashley and I am in my late 20’s currently residing in northern Canada aka the territories up with the grizzly bears and wolves hurray!

For a while now my sisters have been heavly suggesting I start a blog because in their words I am a serial crafter. I am a lover of cooking, baking and crafting and eventually came around to the idea of sharing my ideas and creations with the world so here I am! Welcome to the chaos!