Cotton Rounds

Most women have used a cotton round at some point in their life some use them daily. what you don’t realize is that in a year of using 2 small cotton rounds a day you have thrown roughly 672 rounds in the garbage. When I realized that i thought why not make larger rounds out of recycled cotton fleece, that way I am not throwing things needlessly into the landfill instead they get tossed in a mesh bag and tossed in the laundry with everything else!


These rounds are about 3″ in diameter. 

I have been using mine for about 3 months and am in seriously love with them! They are the perfect size to clean off any and all make up and the dark colours hide any staining that may occur due to mascara, lipstick etc… and unlike other brands the edges are not overlocked rather are topstitched so they can withstand repeated washing better!


Luggage Tags

Spring break has just ended sadly even if you are not a student or in a job that is affected by the winter break, it is a perfect time of year to get out of our usual surrounds even if it is within the same city!

In preparing for my spring break, which took me to sunny Florida for a week, I thought I would class up my luggage with some new homemade info tags. I happen to randomly have scraps of thick leather laying around and decided to get to work.

luggage tag collage #2.jpg

Tracing my chosen pattern (a random gift tag I had laying around) on the rough side of the leather then cut out all the pieces I had traced. Using a leather punch I cut out the holes for the rivets. I picked out some metal rivets from Wal-Mart on my last trip into town. Once all the rivets were in it was time for me to locate my metal letter and number punch sets, mine are 3mm.

Luggage tag #3.jpg

With a board set underneath the leather tags I set to work stamping my families names and info and used some shoe polish to give some of the tags a darker look and made sure to push the polish into the indents made by the letter or number punch.

Once everything was dry I grabbed some ribbon to attach the tag to my chosen piece of luggage and now I’m ready for my travels!